An updated review of ADSS (2023) – is it legit?

It is essential that traders understand what they are getting into when they sign up for a brokerage account and deposit funds. As a part of this series, we are reviewing brokers on their level of support and product offering quality, so that traders who are considering beginning trading can do so with confidence in their choices. Today, we review GCC-based broker ADSS.

In this ADSS review, we will look at its trading platform, product and accounts offering. If you are considering whether to work with this broker, you can read our review for a comprehensive and up to date overview of the broker and its offerings and services.

Licensing and regulation of ADSS in 2023

Firstly, and most importantly, ADSS is a broker that is based in the UAE, and it is authorised and regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) as a trading broker for OTC derivatives contracts and foreign exchange spot markets. The broker is also compliant with local UAE laws as a limited liability company incorporated locally. As a broker that operates internationally, ADSS is also regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.

Trading platforms offered by the broker

ADSS traders can work with the broker and place trades on the ADSS trading platform and on MT4. 

The ADSS trading platform

The ADSS trading platform is a bespoke solution provided by the broker and developed in-house, and the platform can be accessed on mobile, desktop, and through web browser. The platform provides intuitive charting tools with multiple timeframes, access to global markets (the entire product range of ADSS), and traders will find its dynamic updates and comprehensive trading tool set to be very useful. Developed with smooth trade execution in mind, the platform delivers. Trading across devices can also be done effortlessly, which is a bonus in our opinion, as many of us are rarely stationary these days.

Trading on MT4

There is also the option for traders to stick to the popular trading platform MT4, which is an industry-favourite, especially amongst forex traders. As facilitators of forex trades on the spot market and forex derivative products, traders with ADSS can find comfort in the familiarity of MT4 if they have previously used it and prefer to stay with the platform. The benefits and features of MT4 are plenty and we won’t go into them here – as they can easily be found on the MetaQuotes website. Having an option for traders to trade on MT4 is great on the part of ADSS, and it is a testament to the broker’s dedication to providing a comprehensive trading experience for all types of traders.

Product offering at ADSS

ADSS has a wide range of products available for trading, either through spot markets or through CFDs. Traders who are interested in creating a balanced and diversified portfolio will find it easy to do so with the broker, who offers market access to forex pairs, crypto, equities, commodities, and indices. 

One of the best things about trading with ADSS is that the broker indicates they do not charge commissions on any trades executed.


The trader offers major, minor, and exotic forex pairs for spot trading and in the form of CFDs. Traders can use leverage of up to 500:1 when they trade currencies, and there are over 60 forex pairs for them to choose from. Voted the Best FX Platform in the Middle East in 2021 at the Global Forex Awards, ADSS is a great place for forex traders to start their investment journey.


For those who are interested in trading crypto CFDs, ADSS offers trading of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin – which are four of the most popular instruments on the market. Crypto CFD traders can enjoy leverage of up to 4:1 can be used.


Traders can find plenty of equities to trade via CFDs. The offering from the broker covers major players such as Amazon, Meta, and Nike, and as a GCC-based broker, they also offer shares from top-performers in the region. Equity traders can go long or short and find opportunities in both bullish and bearish markets around the world, including the UK, US, German, French, Swiss, Chinese, Australian, and Japanese stock markets, and more. Leverage of up to 20:1 can be used in equity CFD trading.


Commodities including gold, coffee, and US and UK crude are available for speculation at ADSS, and traders can trade with futures and CFDs on certain instruments. Leverage of up to 200:1 is offered for CFD trading, and commodities are traded per whole tick for convenience. 


Index CFD traders will find a broad product range at their fingertips. The broker offers access to popular indices such as the DAX, the US 50, US 100, and US 500. They also offer global indices, such as the Hang Seng Index, and plenty of other European and Asian indices. As a GCC-based broker, ADSS of course provides the option for traders to monitor GCC indices. Index CFD traders can enjoy leverage of up to 333:1 when they trade.

Account options at ADSS

There are two account options at ADSS, live and demo. Among the live accounts are three tiers: Classic, Elite, and Elite +.

Classic accounts are suitable for traders of all types, with a minimum deposit requirement of just 100 USD. Classic traders can access the entire ADSS product offering and trade with competitive spreads, and they can access the broker’s educational resources in English and Arabic.

For those who are looking to trade with even lower spreads and have more freedom in their trading, ADSS offers Elite and Elite + accounts starting at deposits of 100,000 USD and 250,000 USD respectively. Elite account holders can trade with 25% lower spread than Classic account holders, and they can use the help of a dedicated senior manager, while funding their account with multi-base currency options. Elite + account holders can enjoy all the same privileges, plus even lower spreads and acccess to their own sales trader and manager. Traders of both Elite tiers can also gain access to + Elite events.

Demo account traders trade only on MT4, while live traders get to trade on either MT4 or the ADSS trading platform. Demo traders receive virtual funds of 50,000 USD and access to the entire ADSS product range for them to explore and place paper trades. No credit card is needed, and they can also access the broker’s bilingual (English and Arabic) educational resources and market insights on their website. Demo traders can access live spreads and prices, and they can learn more about the MT4 platform with free guides provided by the broker.

Our final thoughts – verdict and conclusion

After having a comprehensive look at ADSS’ regulation, trading platform, account offerings, and products available, we can conclude that the broker is certainly legit and a worthy one to consider. If you are an UAE citizen, you should also be aware that you will have more benefits, such as the option to go digital when signing up for an account with the use of UAEPass. With low spreads and no commissions, we wholeheartedly recommend ADSS if you are a CFD trader looking to maximise your potential of your trades. However, we also must say that all trading contains risks. If you are unsure about your expertise of the markets, you should ensure you get up to speed before beginning to trade.