Aidan Booth on launching a seven figure online business

Aidan Booth is a big name in Internet marketing and online entrepreneurship. As the co-founder of several successful businesses that generate over $100 million in sales, Aidan has created an impressive seven-figure business that serves as inspiration. His newest project, the eFormula training program, aims to teach his proven framework to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Aidan’s backstory

Aidan got his start in 2005 when he left his job as an engineer to pursue online marketing. This transition required not only leaving the stability of a regular paycheck, but also overcoming skepticism from those close to him. However, Aidan leveraged skills from his analytical engineering background to methodically test different Internet business models. His first successful venture sold nutritional supplements online. While competitive, Aidan’s background in science and biology gave him an edge in keyword targeting and product formulation. This put him on the map in the health and wellness space. However, Aidan warned that selling physical products alone won’t unlock seven-figure success. True prosperity came as he transitioned into digital products and virtual coaching. Selling products as downloads and online courses provided Aidan with two advantages: higher margins and greater scalability. This elevated his income to new heights.

Key Components for a Seven Figure Business

According to Aidan, several components come together to enable building a business exceeding $1 million in sales.

First, you need in-demand, high-margin products. For in-depth evalatuion of eFormula Aidan Booth, his knowledge products meet this criterion. With zero marginal production costs and no dependence on shipping or logistics, selling online education offers tremendous upside. When paired with Aidan’s proven frameworks as an 8-figure marketer, customers see immense value. But products alone aren’t enough. You need traffic and customers to sell to. Aidan leverages paid ads and SEO to drive targeted visitors to his sites. Then compelling sales funnels convert interest into sales. With testing and optimization, he consistently improves his customer acquisition process.  Most importantly, you need a business model to scale. Aidan credits his success to leveraging automation, outsourcing, software systems, and financial analysis to dramatically grow his reach. By focusing on business fundamentals over doing tasks manually himself, his income compounded quickly.  

eFormula bonus package

Given the bold promise of delivering seven-figure business training, Aidan sweetened the program with over 150 additional bonuses.

  • Done-for-you funnels, websites, sales scripts, and email sequences to shortcut implementation challenges. 
  • Comprehensive guides, video tutorials, and case studies detailing Aidan’s methodology.
  • Coaching and Q&A calls for laser-focused accountability, feedback, and troubleshooting.  
  • Private community access for networking with other entrepreneurs on the same path.  
  • Discounts and promos from Aidan’s affiliated tools and services for business.

With bonuses offering such an abundance of supplemental resources, students maximize their education in Aidan’s lucrative world of online marketing.