Benefits of Batch Skip Tracing

Investing in real estate has become a viable way to make a good income and even attain financial freedom. HGTV shows make it seem easy, but the reality is it takes a lot of work and time to find leads that will convert into investments. Batch skip tracing can make the task a lot easier and give you top notch information to zero in on motivated sellers and know how to contact them.

Batch skip tracing is a service which provides additional prospect information based on public and private information. Information is powerful when markets are competitive so batch skip tracing could give you the edge you need to land the deal. Here are a few benefits of batch skip tracing and how you can use it to elevate your marketing efforts.

Qualified Information

Skip trace data is compiled from a number of sources including credit headers, public records, and other proprietary methods. A lot of skip trace services provide some information but you should be getting multiple points of contact. For example, phone numbers, emails, and mailing addresses. You want to make sure your list is scrubbed and in good form so that you get the highest match rate possible. If you have insufficient data, you will have bad skip trace results.

TIP: Remove LLC and Corporations from your list before skip tracing. Data is pulled based on name and mailing address so if there are only company names and businesses the hit rate will be low. 

Layer Your Marketing

Instead of driving around looking for signs that say “For Sale by Owner” or checking on Zillow or Trulia for homes under FSBO and giving up when the addresses don’t garner any information, you can use skip tracing to find the contacts current information and shoot for those off market sellers. Think of how much time you spend browsing the internet to search for phone numbers or email addresses. Time is money so skip trace your list and save yourself the headache.

If you get your list skip traced (which is turned around within 24 hours) you can start to layer your marketing. For example you can send direct mail and layer Ringless voicemail on top of it as a follow up method. Or you can cold call your list and send email blasts. It is no secret that with multiple touch points it is necessary to propel your marketing efforts. Batch skip tracing gives you the tools to do just that. 

Reduce Competition

Real estate investing has become a competitive industry. The result is more buyers, which drives up the price. For investors, this means it is more difficult to find off market deals, and lower profit margins when it comes time to sell the property. With skip tracing, you get information on leads other investors may not know about. In many cases, you effectively remove the competition because they hit a dead end for contact information while you find alternative ways of reaching them.

TIP: Send your direct mail first class so that you get returned mail sent back to you. Once you get the returned mail back, skip trace your list and update the mailing address based on your skip trace data. This edges out the competition and sets you apart. 

In Conclusion…

If you like the sound of batch skip tracing or want more information on how to use it, get in touch with us! Contact us at (978) 269-0245 or email us at [email protected].