Visit the Land of ‘Ascending Dragon’ (Vietnam) With These Tips in Mind

You’ll fall in love with the beautiful, diverse, amazing country of Vietnam on your visit, but you might just be in for a cultural shock of sorts. If you mentally get ready for the challenges and fun that are coming, your trip to Vietnam can be most memorable. Before you visit, careful planning is needed and most importantly, you need to buy insurance from a company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance.

Here, we give you some tips and tricks to work your way around the country:

  • Get your Visa beforehand: Most people can’t just show up in Vietnam and get a stamp as they can in neighbouring Thailand and Cambodia. Even though an on-arrival Visa is an option for Indians, Visa stamping beforehand would save you a lot of waiting time and may cost.
  • Flying is best in Vietnam: Vietnam is a country that is very narrow but long. From the northern city of Hanoi to the southern city of Ho Chi Minh, which is more than 1,000 miles away, it would take about 30 hours to drive. Even if you have a whole month to spend in Vietnam, you should plan to fly if you want to see all the best things in the south, central, and northern parts.

If you take a bus or train, you might save some money, but you’ll spend a lot of time getting across these huge distances. Also, if you plan ahead, you can find really cost-effective flights within the country.

However, since there may be many flights to catch and too much shifting of luggage, do ensure that you opt for baggage insurance coverage in your travel insurance plan. It would be extremely handy in case the airline delays or misplaces your luggage.

  • Learn some Vietnamese: Many people in urban cities of Vietnam know English, especially restaurant owners and shopkeepers. But in Vietnam’s rural areas, a lot of people don’t speak any English at all. Or, if they do, it is something basic.

Even in restaurants, shops, and some hotels, it may be hard to place an order or find out how much something costs. Learning a few simple phrases could be helpful, and a Google translator or a Vietnamese phrasebook can come in handy.

  • Crossing the street is scary: Vietnam’s crazy traffic is known all over the world. But not because of cars as much as because of the thousands of motorbikes that weave in and out of traffic and take over the roads.

The walk signals and white lines that usually mean “pedestrian crossing” don’t mean much here. Bikes and cars won’t stop for people on the sidewalk unless they have no choice left.

In such a state, medical emergencies can strike anytime, and it would be the best option to buy a travel insurance for Vietnam to prepare for any unforeseen accidents.

  • You have to wear a helmet by law: Vietnam is famous for traffic casualties, so it passed a law that everyone must wear a helmet. The compulsory rule has helped in reducing the number of misfortunate accidents.

As a visitor from outside of Vietnam, you will have to wear one as well. Not only would you need one if you rent a motorcycle, but also if you take one of the many grab bikes that run all over the roads. But don’t worry; the driver will give you an extra one.

To conclude, Vietnam is a fun country, provided you are open to its horrendous traffic, language barriers and food differences, amongst many other things. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the unexpected while travelling is to buy travel insurance from a trusted provider like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance.

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